I consider myself a teacher and messenger. My passion is nurturing and coaching people one by one, through education about food, eating habits, lifestyle, exercise, and stress management.

Ultimately, my interest is in how we nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits ~ not just how we nourish our bodies. I love witnessing transformation and healing on multiple levels.

I have been interested in how foods and lifestyle contribute to physical, mental, and emotional health since I was a little girl and experienced my grandmother's care and herbs when unwell. It was not until a sudden, unexpected life event pulled the carpet out from beneath me, catalyzing me to reassess my life, that I recognized and began pursuing the passion of nutrition and wellness coaching. 

I love to see the changes in people from when they first step into my office. Clients start to have more energy, enjoy life more, and adapt a new attitude towards their lives. They experience what it is like to reset their bodies so, rather than living with restrictions, they live eating freely, knowing they can trust what their bodies desire. Together, we work not only to assist their bodies with the natural healing process, but to assist their bodies with preventing disease processes in the first place.


Serving as your guide in therapeutic lifestyle change:
* Facilitating major changes in eating habits
* Successful weight management
* Detoxification
* Blood sugar balancing

* Certified Nutrition Counselor and Educator, California State Certified Institute for Educational Therapy (now Bauman College)
* B.A. Munich University, Munich, Germany
* B.A. Sorbonne, Paris, France
* Ongoing advanced nutrition and coaching seminars

* National Association of Nutrition Professionals

* English
* German
* French