"I began working with Barbara Clark over a year ago.  What a pleasure it is to work with someone who listens, has compassion, and really gets to know her clients before proposing solutions.  One very important thing for me was that she didn't suggest any changes that didn't fit in with my lifestyle, and that I wasn't willing to do.  She's very empowering that way!  She explained things in as much detail as I wanted from her, and in language I could understand.  I was able to see results fairly quickly:  more energy, better mood, loss of excess fat, and feeling better in my body overall.  I have recommended her to friends who have also been extremely satisfied with their work with her."

~ Lynn Johnston


"Not only has Barbara taken care of the supplemental and nutritional needs of my entire family, over time she has taken away the power of the labeling of a 'diagnosis' that had me so worried for a year. I was overwhelmed and depressed. Today I am more educated, empowered, and feel that I have a caring knowledgeable friend that is always there for me....[Barbara's] calm and serene attitude made me feel comfortable." 

~ Sharzhad Pahlavan

"I had been struggling for years with high cholesterol and was faced with symptoms of the onset of type 2 diabetes and elevated triglycerides. Although I was working out
with a trainer and taking daily supplements along with other preventative measures, I was feeling worse not better. When I met Barbara, I was ready to try a different approach from my own.... I can now say that the customized nutrition plan Barbara worked with me to develop has changed my life. After 12 weeks/sessions, my blood work came back with a drop of 40 points in cholesterol, and normal hemoglobin A1C and triglycerides! The best part of working with Barbara, though, has been learning how to use the tools and information she has given me in my own, independent progress to healthy living."
~ Karen Wolford

"I have been seeing Barbara Clark for almost two years and am sooo happy to have met her and have her as part of my 'health team'. She has a vast knowledge of health and nutrition.  Her suggestions and guidance are presented gently and are always manageable to put into practice... She is so very supportive in my endeavors and in my life."
~ Sandy Barker